Current Idea

So this is an idea I’ve been working on since winter break, and it’ll be the first one on the blog that you guys get to comment on! So here’s the general idea: 

It’s kind of a mix of Don’t Starve and The Walking Dead (if you’re not familiar with either, Google is your friend). The general premises is that after some sort of world-altering event, the world is covered in thick, wild forests. The surviving cities and settlements are set behind walls to protect them from the forest’s elements and wildlife. People are sent out for resources (food, medicinal plants, building supplies, (other survivors?) etc). But they have to be back behind a wall after a certain amount of time – if they stay out in the forests for too long, they eventually turn insane, and can never leave the forests.

NOTE: Insanity will work a little bit like radiation, but most of the effects will be mental rather than physical.

I’ll probably make my own world for this, with the time period similar to somewhere between the 1920s – 1940s. If I do have guns, they’ll probably be more 1940s -present day style, but it’s still something I have to do research on.

My current thought for the title is “Run Through the Woods.”

Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Current Idea

  1. Run through the woods sounds very interesting Molly! How will leadership of the different cities/countries get along and will there be trade between them?

    Keep going! It sounds like a good story.


    • There will be trade between the cities (not sure exactly what they’d be trading), and the governments have to be at least cordial to each other, since I think I’ll make the upper echelons paranoid about attacks from the Insane (the people who stay out too long).


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