Music for Writing

I can almost never write unless there’s white background noise: the TV, a show on Netflix, and more commonly, music playing. This is something everybody does, but I’ve recently started doing a little bit differently: I listen to movie and video game soundtracks. I had found a post on tumblr a while ago that mentioned a study tactic that was recently gaining ground. Instead of listening to music with lyrics, the poster suggested playing video game soundtracks while working, as they are specifically designed to keep you engaged and focused on the action on screen. I guessed that movie soundtracks were the same way, so I started looking up said soundtracks on YouTube.

I have to say, having voiceless soundtracks as my background music has actually made me a little bit more focused and productive. I’m still a massive procrastinator, and I do still have times where I can’t focus to save my life, but I think it’s a lot better than I was before. Personally, I like video game soundtracks a bit more, probably because I like video games a little more than movies.

Some of my favorite game soundtracks include Undertale, Borderlands, Skyrim, The Witcher, and Bastion. I think it’s because they all tend to switch from mellow to kind of mellow, to intense battle music. The variation  is what I’ve been trained to pay attention to, or it might lead to my death in the games. So whenever I’m working on homework or a story, the near sudden changes are what keeps my brain engaged with whatever I’m working on.

If you have any soundtracks that you like to listen to, leave a comment, and I’ll check it out!

I might even make a page where I link to said soundtracks, or figure out a way to have it play right on the page. We’ll see what I have time for I guess.


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