Pictures as a Kickstarter

I’m sure that this happens with other people, but I feel the need to get this out.

There are times when I’m browsing the internet and I’m not really focusing on anything. There are times when I’ll see an image, and something about it just sets of a spark in my head, and the idea will shoot off like a rocket on speed. Sometimes it’s part of an existing idea, and sometimes it starts a whole new world.

For example, I had to come up with a 10-25 page story for a class last semester, and while I was thinking about it, I remembered something I’d found a while ago (I can’t remember exactly when or where, so this is the existing link to it).


Just by looking at the image, the story almost wrote itself. I still had to physically write it out, but it flowed onto paper much more smoothly than anything I’ve ever written. There’s still some work to be done, as I wrote this under a time constraint, but this is definitely my favorite short story that I’ve done. I titled it after the name of the picture (with the creator’s permission, of course); The Witch’s Son.

This is just one example of me using as a picture as inspiration, but this is definitely the most memorable to me, and it was one of my best pieces, if I could toot my own horn for a minute.



Visualizing Characters

I like to think that one of my skills as a writer is that I have a very good imagination. This comes in handy when I’m trying to create characters. Sometimes though, I need more of a visual helper to help nail out the details. Sometimes I draw in a giant-ass sketchbook I picked up, but I’m not the best drawer, so I tend to resort to a few unconventional (?) methods.  Continue reading

Paper Details

I’m doing a paper on the sign language/deaf community, and I’m trying to figure out how I should organize it.

What I think I’ll include for sure is the different semantics, the acquisition/learning  of sign language, the history of American Sign Language, the differences between ASL and British Sign Language….can you guys think of anything else I might want to include?

Magical Realism paper

I’ve got a paper due at the very end of the semester for my Contemporary World Literature class. While I do have some time, I’d like to figure out my topic as soon as I could. Even if you don’t know all that much about magical realism, I’d love any input I can get!

It’s an open-ended essay that will need four sources, and here are just a few ideas to start off with:

  1. Fighting the encroaching modern world
  2. Angels in the Satanic Verses: Similarities in events and religious mythology
  3. The effect of the character’s dependence on alcohol
  4. characteristics of postmodern fiction and how it works with magic realism

Let me know what you guys think!

Argument & Exposition

Back in my sophmore year, my final assignment for my Argument and Exposition class was to find a quote that we liked, what it meant to us, why we liked it, and what we thought it meant. I was stuck between more…”meaningful” quotes, and a quote I thought was a little hilarious and fit my personality a little bit better. More to see who would agree with me than get inspiration, I posted my options on Facebook: screenshot 1

Two were family members, and two were people I’d met through church activities. Needless to say, they (as you can see) all picked 1 with it being the more “golden rule” and being nice to others than a few of the others.

Personally, I liked the other quotes a little more than that first one, I think because they were focused more on the personal aspect – focusing more on yourself. That’s not to say I’m conceited or narcisstic or anything like that. It was (and still kind of is, let’s be honest) more that I’d heard so much advice on how to be nice and how to deal with other people for years, and that I wanted to focus more on my own life and health.

So I picked the third one.

Regardless of my final choice, it still took some deliberation on whether or not I should do what the others had suggested, especially since two replies came from family members that I have looked up to since I was born.